Sunday, October 02, 2005

its a lng time...

its a long time since i write something in my blog. i also already forgot my password at actually im on holiday bcos i want to take my new MyKad. the picture at my ic is such a horible picture and i hope i can replace it with another picture. Lately im notice something different about my life. im already searching house for rent, im already thinking about my future, my brother n sister are already married, i dont know where all my friends are, my cousin that have same age with me already became a woman, and i realise that time never wait for me and now im a man. i really feel weird about me now bcos most of typical malay guy afer studies then get a job then married then get a kid and then live happily ever after. i dont thing i can live such a stereotype life like that, it will be a boring life without a memories. i dont know what is my future but i hope my life isnt boring like that.

this month is my last month i will working as a trainee without pay. sometime i like working at my office but some time i hate it when ever they push me to work on something. but so far my project are working on schedule and i looking foward to finish it. i think im gain more experience when im in industrial training especially in communication. this month i will start fasting n i hope i will fast for a month n no more ponteng.

Monday, July 11, 2005

something that will happen.

recently i always heard about london bombing at newspaper. the terrorism is something that we didnt want to happen at malaysia. but as you know that terrorism is always about anger thus anger never know place. terrorism happen without knowing who u r, where r u, and anything. i always remind myself that terrorism is not the thing we must have in my mind or our mind. malaysia have a large population of muslim and we also have a large community of christian but terrorism never happen in our country.we all must remembered that terrorism is not a solution it just a thing that will destroy ourself. im very sad about the tragedy bcos as a muslim i dont want any killing happen even they r not my relative. as a muslim im ashame of them that pretend to be a group of jihad that called themself qaeda. if u want to jihad try to make ur country more successful, more rich but then u just lead ur country n ur people to poor n damn. i pray for a peace to all that always want peace.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

politician, political, politic......

i'm 21 years old now n i can choose my favourite political party but actually i didnt want to choose. since im in hight school i didnt like politic. u know sometimes i think all things that related to politics is suck. i have a political family grandfather have political carrier with some known political figure...actually all malaysian know who is the man. my father also have political cerrier althought he is government worker but he stop before he success bcos he said that he want to focus on our family. one day, i have ask my father's friend 'A'(not atrue name) why my father stop his politics carrier n 'A' said it is bcos someone that have more power didnt like my father. so here we r just ordinary but happy famiy. i wonder how my family will be if my father didnt stop being a politician. i can imagine that maybe i didnt hate politics that time. i hate politic bcos they using people as a source for their achievement. i know some politician r a good people but it only 40% in their heart n other 60% is just to boost their carrier without thinking other people. n then after that all the thing that will crush is just an innocent people. i know that politician is our leader but can u think now, r there any leader that never been criticise? i also know that no human is perfect but please....try to understand what r the people needs.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

short hair chick

actually i didnt have any idea to blog but when i saw ryoko hirosue at the internet, its remind me how passion for me with short hair girl. i dont know why but if i have two choise between short hair girl n long hair girl, i prefer the short hair girl. if two of them were long hair then i never choose them. some of u maybe think that long hair girl were very polite girl n very beautiful or more girlish but its just a myth. if a girl is beautiful when she cut her hair short than when she have a long hair than the girl deserve to be called beautiful girl but if not then she just regular girl. im also like short hair girl bcos it look more wild than the long hair girl besides short hair alway easy to wash than long hair.but u know i didnt like to cut my hair. i always like my hair to grown long. before i attend industrial training my hair is from the head until pass my chin. imagin how long my hair is. but after that i had to cut my hair short bcos i have to work...u know la government policy. but after this, i have planning to make my hair more longer than girl just for the last tim. just before my age didnt allowed me have a long hair. so i can tell my children how long my hair was. so my friends will be jealous bcos of my long hair n lastly bcos i taste what is feel like to have a long hair.

Monday, July 04, 2005

i just saw the wind blown away.....

i didnt blog at friday bcos my stomach was hurt n i dont know why. i want to tell u something....that today i stay at home will be 3 days straight. my sis n my bro will go outstation n i had to take care their house. at my office, most of my friends also going outstation. i dont know why in this week, everybody seems just leave me n it always bcos of outstation reason. maybe it is bcos of some conspiracy theory or something. but im slowly enjoy being alone at home n office. u know u can do anything u want n no one will ever watching u or scold u. im already used to being alone when i was at school n when i was still studi at uni but being alone when u work is different. u can feel something different will about happen but today seems nothing happen. i also have realise some of the bloggers always write something about sex. im enjoy it but i didnt like to write about it bcos for me u better do it than imagin it. but for bloggers that enjoy writing it....please get a new idea to write about sex. im just getting boring read the same ol stories. ok la........chioau.

Friday, July 01, 2005

My Dream or My Dreamweaver

today im working with office's website n suddenly all my officemate that always slack off their job have been busy all day. i dont know why but i thing its all about payday. u know all human in this world need money to buy something important like food or something else. but u know what is monay cant buy is one can achieve something without dream. my dream is to became a rich man n have a big company. i dont know if i can achieve it but it didnt hurt anyone at least.some of u maybe think im daydreaming but i dont care as long as im happy. working is one of many important aspect that can built a boy to a man n from an ordinary man to an extraordinary man. some of u maybe have a dream. if u have have a dream dont shy to make it reality n u can add it in my comment post.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

lonely in a bright room.

my task in this office is keep updating the office website and add some new funtion in that website. u cannot call me a webmaster bcos they have one but the webmaster will end her contract next month. i wonder will i make some new changes in their website since next month i will in charge of their website. im still in the industrial training but the work that they me give is like im a permanent worker. my status is not clear n they still talking to their superior about my payment. i think that i will not get any allowance or payment in this industrial training bcos they have their own policy but i also thought that as a human that work hard for their benefit i should have some composetion. u know maybe RM300 a month or anything. i dont care as long as my work have a value to them. some u maybe think that student that perform industrial training didnt deserve allowance from the company bcos they have schollarship but they r wrong. bcos i use money from the schollarship to pay house rent n bills. the allowance from the company will use for eating or buy book. yes some of them maybe used it to buying hp or ps2 or something but they r just a few of us. student should fight for themself n other people should have a respect to them.


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